Track Prospects, Manage Sales Force, Standardize Email Communications, Email Notifications, more!

TrackStar Prospect Tracker is a comprehensive and affordable sales force automation and customer relationship management (CRM) tool for managing and tracking prospective customers and related communications. The system is 100% web based, and can be deployed as an in-house solution, or hosted by Internal Systems. Either way, all you need is a browser to run the software!

The Sales Force Automation software allows you to track prospective customers for your product or service. Your sales representatives use the software to record sales activities, to schedule follow-up, and to track correspondence with prospects. The system stores company information, including information such as company size, locations, and product needs, and you can use the system to identify contacts within the company that you work with through the sales cycle. A notes facility is provided to track individual correspondence or phone calls. This makes it easy to see the history of events, and remind your salesforce of previous events. This information can be printed to provide an excellent summary of events for a specific prospect.

Tools are included to standardize and manage your communications with prospects. For example, you can create standard letters, and then mail-merge information from the prospect record to create personalized mails. The Email Editor allows you to create html encoded messages that can include tables, hyperlinks, and other decorative elements. When hyperlinks are included, you can have the system track "click-throughs" so you will know when a prospect clicks one of the links you provide. This is excellent feedback to know that your messages are being read and acted upon. You can also create standard letter packages, and setup delivery sequences. For example, you could create an email package containing 5 emails, and send one every day or any other desired sequence.

The system also integrates with your existing email system which makes it easy to record correspondence into the TrackStar database. You configure the system to read emails sent to a prospect mailbox, which are then automatically attached to the prospect system. This makes recording of communications effortless. You can also load new prospect information into the system, based upon web or email inquiries.

The system supports the notion of ownership of prospects. When prospect records are created, they can be automatically routed and assigned to sales representatives through use of a routing table that defines the business rules for assignment. Once a prospect is assigned, an email is optionally generated to the salesforce indicating a new assignment. Prospects can be reassigned by management to other reps providing the capability has been granted. Reps can also refer prospects to other reps within the system when a transfer is appropriate. All transfers and status changes are recorded in a history file for tracking and reporting.

The Sales Force Automation software supports ticklers to help manage follow-up. You set an action date, and the system notifies you when that date is reached. You can also defer prospects until a later date, to keep inactive ones off of your work queue.

Since the CRM system is accessible to everyone, from everywhere, you have a consolidated view of prospects, regardless of sales rep location. Managers can review correspondence, and other activities, to monitor and manage the sales process. The reporting system gives management the views needed to manage and monitor the prospect backlog, and to generate revenue reports to facilitate revenue forecasting.

TrackStar's sales force automation module can be used as a stand-alone solution, or can be integrated into a more robust PTO, Time and Project Tracking system. ISC makes it easy to add additional modules or users later. A link at the bottom of this page will take you to other product description pages.

The sections that follow describe features of TrackStar's Prospect Tracker, and shows sample screens to help you understand its' capabilities.

  • Getting Started
  • Prospect Selection
  • Selection Customization
  • Prospect Maintenance
  • Other Fields
  • Company Information
  • Contact Information
  • Prospect Communications
  • Prospect Email
  • Attachments
  • Ticklers
  • Prospect History
  • Prospect Action
  • Letter Maintenance
  • Package Manager
  • Prospect Routing
  • Email Created Prospects
  • Email Notifications
  • Prospect Activity Report
  • Tickler List Report
  • Prospect Analysis Report
  • Administration Tools
  • Outstanding Support
  • Software Attributes and Features
  • Common Features, Benefits, Licensing
  • Prospect Tracker Pricing
  • Next Steps

Getting Started

You access TrackStar by clicking on a browser link. The system provides multiple levels of security and encryption, so your data is safe and secure.

Each employee logs on to TrackStar using their unique ID and password. Once signed on, a menu system is presented that reflects the capabilities that have been granted each user. Though simple to use, multiple levels of help are provided to assist users if needed.

getting started

Prospect Selection

The Prospect Selection form is a customizable view of the prospect database. Employees usually set the form to display Prospects owned by them. The resulting display becomes their personal prospect work list, which is an efficient way to manage and work open prospects.

Once the selection criteria have been defined, it can be saved as your personal default, so that display attributes are used each time you log on.

Prospect Selection

Selection Customization

The prospect display is customizable by each user, allowing for changing of column order, size, etc.

This allows sales reps to display the fields they are interested in, and to ignore others.

Selection Customization

Prospect Maintenance

You use the Prospect Maintenance to create and manage prospects. The Summary tab displays general information, such as the prospect name and various filing keys.

The notes display, in the lower half of the screen, is usually used to track progress or actions. Each note is time-stamped by user, so permanent records of actions exist. The search tool can search through notes to locate previously worked prospects.

Prospect Maintenance


Other Fields

A tool is provided to create your own custom fields to be maintained with each prospect. These fields are displayed on the Other tab. Use this form to capture data that is specific to your business.

In addition to this level of tailoring, ISC offers customization so that Prospect Tracker can be tightly matched to your business needs.

Other Fields

Company Information

When prospects are created, you can capture information about the company. Various information can be maintained, and can include user defined fields if needed.

You will store the corporate address and general phone numbers on this form. Addresses entered here are automatically transferred to contact fields when new ones are created.

Company Information

Contact Information

You can also add contacts to a prospect record to keep phone and email addresses on file for the people you are working with.

Various fields can be maintained for each contact, and user defined fields are available if needed to capture non-standard data.

Contact Information

Prospect Communications

TrackStar stores all your communications in one place for quick reference. This includes emails generated by the system, as well as emails sent outside of the system. When you send an email outside of TrackStar, you simply CC it to the TrackStar mailbox to include it in the correspondence records.

Prospect Communications

Prospect Email

You can use the included email client to send standard or ad hoc emails to prospects. Emails sent using this facility are copied to the prospect record for reference.

This tool allows you to create and save standard letters that can be reused over and over. It also provides a mail merge capability to merge contact, company or rep information in the body of the email.

You can include hyperlinks in the emails, and use the system to track click-throughs.

Prospect Email


You can add attachments to prospect records which are stored in the prospect database. Any type of file can be attached, such as a proposal or RFP Response, and then viewed or edited easily.

Storing attachments in the database makes them available anytime, anywhere, by anyone with the proper credentials. This makes sharing information simple!



Ticklers can be created to remind you to call a customer, send an email, etc. Ticklers are added through the Action tab, by specifying the action required (phone call, send email, etc.). Once created, you can review outstanding and completed ticklers using this form.

When ticklers are due, they appear on your selection screen with a visual indicator.


Prospect History

The History tab shows status and ownership changes over the life of a prospect. This information is useful when tracking the status of prospects, and when doing research.

For example, you can see all ownership changes over the life of the sales cycle.

This information may assist management when reviewing prospect close rates and other analysis.

Prospect History

Prospect Action

Use the Action tab to perform assignments and other actions. The actions available depend on your security profile. You can assign prospects, refer them, defer them, set action (tickler) dates, close them, etc.

Each time an action is performed, it is logged in the history database for historical tracking.

You are able to specify closing reason or classification, to facilitate management reporting. Whenever actions are performed, a comment can be included which is saved as a note.

Prospect Action

Letter Maintenance

You can use the letter maintenance tool to create standard letters. You can categorize letters for easy reference. You can include "snippets", which are letter components used to create headers, footers, or reusable body content.

Letters can include merge items from the operator record, as well as the prospect record.

Letter Maintenance

Package Manager

The package manager is used to create a series of letters to facilitate follow-up with prospects. You can select letters to be included, and the delivery frequency and sequence. Once a package has been created, you can queue it for delivery to prospects.

Package Manager

Prospect Routing

The Prospect Routing tool is a powerful way to automatically route prospects when they are created. The routing table is a rule set that makes assignments based upon various criteria. For example, you could route based upon product, or upon state or zip code. Prospect routing ensures that prospects are assigned to the proper person, according to your business rules.

Prospect Routing

Email Created Prospects

TrackStar can be configured to interface with your email system for prospect creation. You define a mailbox to monitor, and TrackStar reads received emails and creates prospects automatically. Once created, the prospect is systematically routed to an appropriate person based upon routing rules.

This makes it easy to offer a web based interface for creating new prospects. For example, when you fill out the information request form at ISC's website, it generates the email shown, and automatically creates an entry in our prospect database.

Email Created Prospects

Email Notifications

The email interface is also used for notifications. You can configure the system to send an email whenever a prospect is assigned or closed. This makes it easy to keep up with your prospect backlog, and to keep employees aware of all prospect assignments.

Continuing with the example above, a) a prospect fills out the information form; b) TrackStar automatically creates a prospect record; c) the record is routed to the appropriate rep; d) the rep is notified via email of the assignment.


Email Notifications

Prospect Activity Report

This report shows a statistical view of the prospect database. It provides counts by type, priority, customer, employee, and various other categories. It provides a quick snapshot of what is outstanding, and keeps management informed.

All reports in TrackStar are exportable to Excel for further manipulation or storage.

Prospect Activity Report

Tickler List Report

This report shows open prospects by age. It is used by management to monitor prospects that remain open for too long.

Tickler List Report

Prospect Analysis Report

This report shows the number of prospects owned by each rep by status. It indicates the average number of days the prospect has been in that status (open, closed).

This report is helpful to anyone who monitors the sales pipeline, and wants to know who owns what, and for how long.

While TrackStar provides many useful reports, it also includes a built-in report writer that you can use to develop your own custom reports.

Prospect Analysis Report

Administration Tools

TrackStar includes a robust set of administration tools to help you configure and tailor the system. You use the admin tools to load and maintain employee, department, and various other data tables in the system. It also includes a scheduling tool that can be used to generate background jobs or tasks, such as data extracts and reports.


Use To

Department Maintenance

Define your company's organizational structure.

Employee Maintenance

Enter and maintain the employees who use the software.

Group Maintenance Create groups of departments for approvals and reporting.

Report Maintenance

Create custom reports.

Schedule Maintenance

Setup jobs to run at preset intervals.

Security Maintenance Define employee access to system functions.

System Preferences Maintenance

Setup operational preferences.

User Field Maintenance

Define custom fields to extend TrackStar.

User Code Maintenance

Enter coded fields for choice lists.

Outstanding Support

ISC provides world-class support for its software. When you have a question or problem, our staff provides the answers you need, when you need them.

For ASP customers, the support fees are built-in to the monthly fee. This includes updates, phone support, and periodic enhancements. For in-house customers, our support plan is required in the first year and optional thereafter.

Support/Service Offerings
ASP Support - Included with ASP plan.
Annual Support - Offered to in-house customers.
Per-Incident Support - Provides support on a per-call basis.
Training Services - Administrative training for TrackStar.

Prospect Tracking (Sales Force Automation) Software Attributes

  • 100% web based software.
  • Available as an in-house solution or as an ASP service.
  • Scalable from a few users to thousands of users.
  • Highly customizable through preference settings.
  • Point-and-click interface makes learning easy.
  • Comprehensive, affordable solution.
  • Simple implementation, virtually maintenance free.

Prospect Tracking (Sales Force Automation) Software Features

  • Prospect workbench for sales reps.
  • Capture customer and contact information.
  • Track notes and correspondence.
  • Create standard letters and letter sequences.
  • Track "click-trough" on email hyperlinks.
  • Includes a tickler system for tracking follow-up.
  • Supports email notification when assignments are made.Interfaces with email for new prospect inquiries (automatically creates prospect entries).
  • Tracks prospect assignments and referrals.
  • Automated routing according to your business rules.
  • User defined fields, codes and choice lists.
  • Definable products, customers, contacts, etc.
  • Attach files of any type.
  • Excellent reporting.


Features Common to all TrackStar Modules

  • Ability to automatically synchronize employee information with external systems.
  • Ability to link to Active Directory for single logon (Hosted & In-house).
  • Supports multiple cultures.
  • Supports multiple web browsers.


  • TrackStar is built using the latest Microsoft .Net technology. For in-house installs, it requires a Windows based server, with IIS and SQL Server. For ASP installs, the only thing required is a browser!


  • Manages prospect communications. Helps you close more sales!
  • Ownership concept ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • See who your top performing reps are (and those that are not)!
  • 100% web based. Nothing to install or purchase. Just load and go!

Licensing Options

  • Prospect Tracker ASP is installed in ISC's datacenter. You simply access the system from your browser, using a URL that has been registered for you. You pay a monthly ASP fee that includes support.
  • Prospect Tracker In-House is installed in your offices. You pay a one-time license fee, plus an annual maintenance fee (required in the first year, optional thereafter).

Prospect Tracker Pricing

TrackStar Sales Force Automation software is priced on a per Active user basis. An active user is one who has been entered in to the application and has the ability to log on. Employees who terminate can be marked inactive, and no longer consume one of your licenses.

A small number of administrative licenses are needed to perform setup and maintenance. Admin licenses are priced separately from Prospect Tracker licenses.

Sample Pricing
Admin Users Monthly
ASP Price
OR One Time
In-house Price
10 1 $220 n/a
25 1 $411 $15,340
50 2 $604   $22,420
100 2 $770 $28,320
Setup fees start at $250.  Multiple training options are also provided. 
All prices are subject to change without notice.  Please ask for a quote on your specific configuration. 

In-house price includes first year annual support.

Next Steps

  • Fill out an information request form by following the Request Information link. A sales representative will contact you and can provide additional information, and pricing specific to your configuration.
  • Request a demonstration so you can experience TrackStar first hand. ISC will guide you through the system, and point out its features and capabilities.
  • Confirm configuration, pricing and obtain approvals.
  • Review and execute our standard ASP or License agreement.
  • Begin using TrackStar!

ISC makes getting started fast and easy. A complete planning guide is provided to assist you with your data collection and policy definition tasks. Once information has been gathered, you use the administration functions of TrackStar to enter/import data. Excel templates are provided to help you organize your data and to simplify import. You can be up-and-running in a few days!

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